Sunday, January 11, 2015

Never Forget

This life of ours that has so many shifting changes
some we can foresee
while others blindside us with an unforgivable vengeance
and we wonder, did we make the wrong choice
what can this sorrow teach us?

I see his red truck and wear his snookie cap even though it is not cold
Sleeping at night is a forgotten promise
so I fill that space with an enormous mastiff named Emmie Lou
she is grateful for the space but questions me every night I invite her to sleep in his place

It truly is the small stuff that come to light so quickly
freshly made coffee in the morning and excited chatter about what we might design or create that day
finding ourselves holding hands while we slept
that heart warmth so simple and profound

Growing in love with our faults and character flaws
that knowledge that he accepted me in all my forms and loved me just the same
As the broken shell, I was valuable and beautiful to him
I can only hope that he knows that I mirrored that for him in the best ways I knew how
Today, the missing of him has blindsided me over and over
This river of tears and fears seems an endless mudslide

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rick My Shell Seeker

I met a shell seeker once
his eyes scanned the sea horizon
and he saw and found things I did not understand then

Always, the shells were imperfect and had unique spirals at the tops
he would hide them in his hand and breathe life into the broken parts
When I saw them, I could see all the beauty he found in the imperfection

I hold my shell seeker close in my heart
sometimes it feels as if his heart is helping mine to beat
When I needed to it felt as if I could crawl inside him and rest for a while

I look at all the stars in the sky, reflecting in the water
with their shimmer and changing shape
and I too will move with these ocean waters
I hope he holds me like the imperfect shell and breaths life into my broken places

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Things on the Horizon at the Studio

We are still working so hard to keep caught up, work on the house and enjoy some wonderful times with the dogs and at the beach.  New beginnings and new ideas are in the works at the studio.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Passion versus Selling

It finally occurred to me why I have loved the works of Vincent Van Gogh my whole life.  He displays such a strength of character because in his prolific career he only sold one piece.  Short of letting this discourage him, he continues on with painting what he loves and showing his intrinsic message of showing his passions for the life around him.  Although he later commits suicide he shows a genuine regard and love for the simple things he paints with such strength and vivid color and line.  His passion can be viewed simply by his brushstrokes and evoking the rhythm and life he works so hard on recreating.  He strives to show how he feels on the inside as a visual communication to anyone and everyone who is viewing his work.  He is never ashamed to show his emotions.

For those of us lucky enough to do what we love for a living, may we flounder forward!  I will never regret my decisions to create, publish and work towards communicating through art!

Impressionism vs color

I have always held a fascination with Impressionism.  As a fifth grade project I did a whole essay on Paul Cezanne.  Who knew that a life long passion for the arts and Impressionism could actually hold throughout a lifetime!  I think the initial reaction to Impressionism and Post Impressionist work is the bold use of color and the fascination with representing light.  This paired with an almost math precision towards the pairing of complimentary color schemes is a recipe for visual delight.  And so as a young person into adult hood this fascination has never dimmed in my mind.

My residencies at The Greater Latrobe High School are always a positive experience simply because the love of the arts is sincerely felt in this unusual high school.  Not only is it a public school system and it also highly supports the idea of creativity, the arts and most importantly the idea that a young student can always be a positive contribution in the art scene.  This coupled with the tremendous support of the Center for Creativity, the MeFeeley and Rogers Foundation is a true recipe that encourages the creative thinker and doer!

I start the residency with a focus towards Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet and always hope the students will feel and appreciate the energy and color that these two artists represent.  We each choose a work we would like to represent with our own emotional and color response to the original work.  I am not asking for a reproduction of the work but do focus on color mixing, composition and often an emotional response to the work itself.  Each student starts with an under
painting and from there we spend our time using brushes, pallet knives, our brains and fortitude to create our works of art.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Waking Bear Studio Updated Logo Design

With our move to North Carolina there have been so many changes.....not the least of which is our updated version of a logo I created over 17 years ago.....Fly on blue bear!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Moving the Studio to North Carolina

So, after many trials and tribulations we are happily ensconced in Shallotte, North Carolina where we can be at the beach in less than 10 minutes.   Our studio space is awesome with plenty of room and our animals are happy on almost 4 acres.  We have a lovely pond in the back yard, a greenhouse, palace for the chickens and a wonderful space to finally call HOME:)

An outdoor shower is complete and with some improvements of living space we are back on the planet of living and working and loving our artwork!

Thanks to many who supported us in our endeavors and mostly thanks to our parents who have helped to guide this move.....feeling love and much much gratitude and so much thankfulness!